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Our number one goal as a staffing company is to turn our customers into advocates by exceeding their expectations. We want our customers to proactively refer us to their peers in their profession.

Every process we implement and system we use is specifically designed to enhance our opportunity to accomplish that goal.

Our concept is simple - let our customers control our recruiting process. We will interview you to determine specifically what behavior you expect from your staffing provider and what behavior is intolerable.

You provide the rules - we follow them. We adapt our service to give you control over the following areas:
  Method of Contact: Do you prefer to be contacted via phone or email?
  Maintain control over communication: Who needs to be involved and who does not?
  Your hiring process: What are your steps from candidate submittal to making an offer?
  Time needed to review new candidates: How long should we wait to follow up on new candidates?
  Time needed after a candidate interviews: How long should we wait to follow up on an interview?
  Method of making offers to candidates: Do you prefer to make the offer instead of us?
  Frequency of marketing calls: How often do you want to be contacted in between job orders?
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